domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

Sundials - When I Couldn't Breathe (2012)

Lots of releases and leaks this week. Some are freaking out to get the new NOFX album, some other are amazed by the new Gallows and there's some legitimate others who are constantly talking about the new Title Fight LP. But there's another record being released this month that may not catch that amount of attention but in my humble opinion is double worth it. With the terrible news of Spraynard's break-up the world needs some turn on Fortune's wheel and thanks to heaven or Asian Man Records, Sundials have a new album to comfort us and make this bad news easier to swallow.
This new record is not far from their previous releases, they have the same sound and they haven't made so much experimentation, but the compositions are even better this time. Perfect balance of clean and sweet guitars and raw distiortion, lots of great melodies and a way of singing that delights us with its simplicity and softness. This is the perfect piece to cheer us up, give your tortured minds some relax and happiness. Treat yourself.

01. 710
02. New York Crunch
03. When I Couldn't Breathe
04. Seventy-Five
05. Completely Broken
06. Unpredictable
07. Mosby Blues
08. Untitled
09. When I Couldn't Breathe (Reprise)
10. Brain Waves
11. The Mad Stork Makes Another Movie
12. Some Kinda Time
13. Strange

Slight Similarities With: Spraynard, Thousandaires, Bangers.

Download HERE

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